Discover your neighborhoods gems
Connect with local businesses effortlessly, schedule appointments, and explore a world of convenience. Find everything from your favorite coffee shop to unique boutiques right at your fingertips.
Effortless delivery of any item from your local stores directly to your doorstep.
From everyday essentials to unique finds, we bring the convenience of shopping right to your fingertips. Experience the best of both worlds by supporting local businesses while enjoying the ease of online ordering
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Optimize your store operations
chat with customers &
other stores
share discounts and special offers
manage schedules
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Browse through nearby stores to find your favorites.
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"My go-to app for discovering local stores and unique products. The swiping feature makes browsing fun, and being able to message stores directly is super convenient. Plus, worldwide shipping means I can get items from my favorite stores delivered right to my doorstep."
Mei Lin Yang
Revelo customer
"This app allows any small, local store to take their business online. I have gained more visibility, more customers and I love the data dashboard providing insights into the customer experience and my stores performance."
Carlos González
Owner Craft Pottery
"Since using the app, I've seen a 41% increase in revenue. Managing shifts and listing discounts have made running my store smoother, while offering worldwide shipping has expanded my customer base beyond what I imagined."
Dmitri Petrov
Owner Nuova Enoteca
customers connected to local businesses like never before.